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Ambient Lighting

The ambient lighting layer, commonly referred to as the “general lighting” layer, provides general illumination for a room. Some of the common sources for ambient lighting include pendants, flush mount ceiling fixtures, ceiling fans, or chandeliers. 


Accent Lighting

The second layer of light is known as the accent lighting layer or “decorative” layer because it allows you to highlight points of interest such as architecture, artwork, or any other important features.  The types of fixtures typically used for accent lighting include wall sconces, track lighting, uplighting, and LED tape lights or rope lights installed in cabinets and under counters for toe-kick lighting.


Task Lighting

Task lighting, the final layer of lighting design, provides illumination for specific tasks performed in an area.  Commonly used task lights are table and floor lamps, under cabinet lighting, bathroom vanity lighting, and pendant lighting.  The light should remove distracting shadows and be glare-free, as well as bright enough to prevent eyestrain.

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