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Focus Design is owned and operated by certified lighting consultants Mike and Mitchel Oborny.  Our background expertise in technology automation and control systems provides the perfect transition into lighting design and integration. Lighting is the most impactful aspect of vision and must be a part of the design process and not an afterthought. Our goal is to provide our knowledge and expertise to clients and interior designers by including lighting in the design process to achieve visually impactful results and maximize the unique design elements of your home.


Focus Design was created to provide a new perspective on lighting design that brings to life the design details of any space.

Everything begins with understanding the specific needs of each individual client then creating a lighting plan with a defined purpose for each light. The basic lighting layout of a can light in each corner of the room will be replaced with a precise lighting plan where each fixture has a specific purpose and location.   Lighting design should account for the specific type of action being illuminated; the amount of light provided, the color of the light, and the overall environment.  Once all aspects are considered and combined with the unique needs of the client, a layered lighting design can be created to provide a perfect result.

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